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Susan Perry, Aikido Teacher

Susan Perry
Susan Perry

Aikido Teacher

Susan Perry Sensei has studied Aikido since 1977. She has been an outgoing and dedicated student in her support of Aikido teachers and in disseminating information about Aikido through books, magazines, DVDs, workshops, camps, expos and CDs. In her pursuit to support Aikido, Susan (with her late husband Ronald Rubin) created many vehicles for the dissemination of Aikido. Of the many businesses, three remain: Aiko Institute, an NPO which sponsors Aikido classes under the auspices of Aiko Dojo, Arete Press the publishing arm of Aiko Institute, and, the online business which supports Aiko Institute as a selling venue through shopify.

Susan’s training over the years has earned her the rank of Rokudan (6th degree black belt). To this day, she continues to expound Aikido’s many virtues through her classes, Aiko Institute’s newsletter - The Community Well - and in her new book - The Hidden Spirit of Aikido - due out in April of 2024.

Susan and her late husband also created Musubi Dojo in 1981 which closed in 2014 due to his death. But she has continued teaching Aikido through Aiko Dojo which offers on-going Aikido classes through the City of Claremont’s Recreation department.


Aikido Classes Description

Aikido is a Japanese Budo. Students learn how to balance, center, and to keep themselves safe from attacks. In class we may practice with bokken (wooden swords) and jo (wooden spear). In each class students stretch out and begin to learn how to move to keep safe on the mat. Breathwork and simple meditation skills are introduced and used in Aikido.

Aikido Teacher


April 2004, Guest Instructor, Santa Cruz Woman's workshop, Santa Cruz, California

April 2002, Guest Instructor, Montreal Aikido's Anniversary Retreat, Montreal, Canada

July 2001, Guest Instructor, Santa Cruz Aikido Retreat, UCSC Santa Cruz, California

July 1994, Guest Instructor, Pacific Association for Women in Martial Arts, Malibu, Ca

July 1985-1987, Yoga Instructor, Elderhostel Summer program Pitzer College, the Claremont Colleges, Claremont, CA.

1984, Co-taught a six week Woman's class program, Seidokan Hdq, Los Angeles, CA

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