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Susan Perry, Author

Interviews with Susan Perry can be arranged through her publicist here:

Susan Perry


Susan holds a Rokudan (6th degree black belt) in Aikido and a PhD in Philosophy. She has founded several businesses which contributed to the growth of Aikido, and, she is the author of many published articles and anthologies on Aikido.  She has authored a book published by Shambhala Publications after her research in Japan. And she has written a philosophy book on Aikido called The Hidden Power of Aikido.



“Mochtheria, a Third Vice in Aristotle’s Ethics” (lecture, Northern Calif. Ancient Philosophy Group, UC Berkeley, October 1979.)

“Aristotle and External Forces”, (lecture, CSU Fullerton, Philosophy Department, April 8, 1985.)

“Aikido and Business”, (a part of a panel talk to the Aikido community,  Aikido International, San Francisco, June 1988.)

“The History and Mission of Aikido Today Magazine”, (lecture, Boulder Aikikai Summer Camp, Colorado Mountain College, Colorado, July 2000.)

Aikido History for O-Sensei memorial, Alexander Hughes Center, Dec. 2015. 

Books & Articles

Perry, Susan, “Aikido and Illusion”, in Women in the Martial Arts, ed Carol Wiley, North Atlantic Books

Perry, Susan and Rubin, Ronald. Aikido Talks, Conversations with American Aikidoists, Arete Press, 2001.

Perry, Susan ed. Remembering O-Sensei, Living and training with Morihei Ueshiba, Shambhala Publications, 2002

Saotome, Mitsugi, Aikido, Living by Design, ed. Susan Perry, Arete Press, 2003.



Illuminating the inner philosophical and practical aspects of Aikido, forty-seven-year Aikido practitioner and 6th-degree black belt Susan Perry, Ph.D., uses personal stories of joy, achievement, and hardship to demonstrate real-life applications of the transformational principles of Aikido. She introduces what Aikido is and where it comes from, providing a brief biography of its founder, Morihei Ueshiba. She explains in detail how Aikido helped her resolve difficulties at work, as a student, and as a teacher/sensei. Through each story shared, the author offers a glimpse of the beginner’s mind in action, the key to changing even the violent energy of an attack into peaceful interaction. 

Presenting Aikido’s step-by-step protocol for developing the receptiveness of the beginner’s mind, a state essential to personal transformation, Perry explains how distraction and timing can be used to deescalate potentially violent or dangerous situations. She discusses the founder’s philosophy of conflict, showing how Aikido can help peacefully resolve difficulties that arise with pushy, intimidating, and unpredictable people, those who are stubborn or don’t listen, insincere people who want something from you, and chaotic situations. She explains how a deepening practice of the martial art leads to an aiki state of inner peace, fusion, and boundless joy. 

Revealing how Aikido can help you face your fears and develop your heart and soul, this book shows how this martial art helps you embrace change, cultivate a strong center, and ultimately live a joyful life of engagement with the world. 


Susan Perry, Ph.D., has practiced Aikido for 47 years; she holds a Rokudan in Aikido (6th-degree black belt) in the martial art as well as, a doctorate in philosophy, and a Godan (5th-degree black belt) in Japanese calligraphy. The editor-in-chief of Aikido Today Magazine for its 20-year run, she is now president of Aiko Institute. A former assistant professor in the California State University system, she lives in Claremont, California.

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